It was a cold, dreary Sunday and the boys were stir crazy. Savers, a thrift store near us, had a 50% off sale. Why not make thrifty shopping fun?

My teenage son doesn’t like shopping but he needed to get out of the house. I turned it into a challenge for him, and it intrigued him. Neither of us like to admit defeat so the challenge was on!

This was a two Part challenge.

Part 1: Find a decorative item that we would display in our home. You have to know where it’s going to be placed. Must stay under $5.

Part 2: Find a complete outfit that you would wear in public. For Jacob, to school. For me, to the food pantry I run. You must stay under $10. One point for every item in the outfit, one point for the lowest price on each particular item, and one point for the overall lowest price.

We split up in the store, cameras in hand to take on this challenge.


We searched through racks and racks of shirts, pants, hats, scarves, belts and more to come up with the perfect outfit. We occasionally passed in the aisles but conspicuously hid the price tags from each other.


Kyle, my special needs child, had the nearly impossible task of choosing just one toy from the shelves & wall full of options. He needs to pick up every toy and inspect it before choosing one. The child changes his mind a million times before finally picking something.

Watch our Vlog below to see the results of our challenge: