We have another smaller drone that we had been flying. My oldest son, who is a senior in high school this year, really enjoys flying drones.

This F100 Ghost Drone was a definite step up from the one he had been using. He can hook his action camera right on this drone. You have the option of purchasing a 360° panoramic camera. We have not purchased that but are definitely looking into it!

Another great feature of this drone is the battery life. Most drone batteries last about seven minutes. The battery on this one last for 12 minutes. We have two batteries for it which gives us a lot of flying time.

I would not recommend this drone for a beginner drone flyer. We started with something smaller and less expensive. Having flown a drone before, this one was very easy to use. It has a high and low speed. We started on the low-speed just to get used to it and then easily transitioned to the faster speed.

Drones are definitely fun to fly and make great gifts for children in their late teens, college students, older children, boyfriends, spouses, etc.

Check out the YouTube video that I made which gives you a complete review plus some sample video of what this drone can do.