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IMG_2611If you are looking for an easy travel game, this may be the one. It’s easy to understand and play. As long as kids know their numbers and colors, they can play.

There are 5 small dice and one large die. The first player rolls all of them. If any small ones match the color on the large one, you add up those points. You can keep rolling until you decide to quit. If you roll and one of the small dice match the color on the large one then you lose all of your points and your turn is over. The first player to 50 wins.

I didn’t find this to hold my attention long. I played twice in a row and kept rolling until I got to 50. It isn’t hard to roll and match the center one which means everyone won’t get a turn.

I received this at a discount to test out. It is sold on Amazon and you can find it at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N29IJZE


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