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I have a small dog and a medium sized dog. We live on a farm and they are outside a lot. They tend to carry in dirt. Whenever we leave our back room they jump up on the futon. They will lick the cushion over and over.


This is a great solution for us. We just keep the futon covered. This looks nice and is comfortable. If you use this on a couch, just tuck the little oval pieces into the seam of your couch to hold it in place.

Ther is also an elastic strap that holds it in place on the back.

For us, when we want to sit down, we just flip up the cover. This is easy to wash in cold water and hang to dry.


They are still able to pull up the bottom still. I’ll have to work on that.

This would also be good if you have small children or elderly to protect your couch.

I received this to test out and am very pleased. It’s going to work out perfect for my family. You can click here to find this on Amazon.

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