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So many people have that New Years resolution to lose weight. Here we are in April and I bet for many that resolution is a distant memory.

This EatSmart Precision Digital bathroom scale helps you stay on track. It is simple and easy to use. There is no programming needed.

Simply step on the scale and weight for the magical number to appear on the LED screen. If you don’t like that number, it isn’t the scales fault!


The first time you use it or move it, you will have to weigh yourself twice. The first is a calibration and then the next will be the actual accurate weight. I found this to be accurate to a much higher dollar calibrated scale in a school wrestling room. My son is a wrestler and he keeps a close eye on his weight.

This is a basic scale. You don’t program in your height and it doesn’t save a bunch of past weights for you. Just step on, get the number, and step off.

It’s a glass scale that is heavy & sturdy. It weighs up to 400 pounds. If you want to feel like you weigh less, just switch it over to kilograms!

As a bonus, this comes with a tape measure also. I like this because often you will lose more inches than pounds. It’s a retractable tape measure with just the push of a button on the back.

You can find this on amazon by clicking here.

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