I have been driving for Uber for a couple of weeks now. I only drive once or twice a week. It is enjoyable and I meet a wide range of people. I thought it would be good to spotlight one rider after my evening of driving. You can learn a lot from these people. There’s more to them than some people heading out drinking & not driving.

Meet my uber passenger:

She is 30 years old. I picked her up from her dad’s house & took her 25 minutes away to a bar. With a red bull in hand she got in the backseat. You can learn a lot about someone in 25 minutes.

Her parents divorced when she was 11. As an only child she got caught in the middle of a messy divorce. Even now, 20 years later, she is still caught in the middle. Two people who loved each other enough to get married & have a child still harbor so much hatred & bitterness that they can not have a conversation with each other. They continue to use their adult child as the middle man.

She worked for enterprise for 7 years. After 7 years of working 11 hour days and no hope of not being “low man on the totem pole” she decided in January to step out of her comfort zone.

This 30 year old woman has an archaic iphone4. She had no internet until 2 months ago when she had to get it for her job. She took a job based out of her home doing sales for a company that provides trailers on job sites. It requires a lot of online work and programs.

Without much support from her boss, and the next sales rep over 200 miles away, she is on her own. She is far from technology savvy & trying to comprehend how to hook up a router & wireless printer. This lady is having to teach herself how to navigate through basic computer programs that she knows nothing about.

So headed to a bar on a Saturday night? She had already had a couple of drinks before I picked her up. But she was going to meet her friend who was at a bar & had been there drinking all day. Going to rescue her friend.

We talked about her family & a little about my boys. We talked about her fears of succeeding in this job. I told her how courageous she was to step out of her comfort zone for this new career. She gave up everything she knew & embarked into completely foreign territory with minimal support. We talked about strategies she could use to not get thrown in the middle of her parent’s bickering.

As she got out of my car at the bar, she leaned forward and told me what an amazing person and mom I was. She said she would be praying for my boys and I.

All this from a 25 minute Uber ride. There is a lot to learn from her. How your actions as parents can affect your children even if you don’t intend for them to. How you shouldn’t let yourself get rooted in a dead end job that won’t take you anywhere. How to have the courage to embark on new & different & scary.  How to be available and put yourself out there for those in need. How to pick up on little things said in passing–to be in tune to others.

She is courageous. She is strong. She is loyal. She is determined. She is an Uber passenger.