I headed down the road about 6:30 this morning to feed the calves. It was so foggy, I couldn’t see more than 100 yards in front of me.

As I looked up, the sunrise was pushing through the fog. I could see beautiful reds and oranges through the dense white fog.

Maybe your life seems like a fog sometimes. You’re just trudging along and can’t see what lies ahead. You can only see a few feet ahead of you. Perhaps you’re dreading what’s past the fog. Possibly you’re anxious to get through the fog to the sunshine.

Look up! Look for the colors. Look for the sunshine. It’s there. It can push through the densest fog. There is no stopping it. No holding it back.

Maybe you’re smooth sailing on calm seas right now. If that’s the case, then be the sunshine for someone else. Be the sunshine through your fog or through their fog to reach them.

It doesn’t take much. A smile or a kind word can mean all the difference.

I remember a few weeks ago sitting at a long wrestling tournament.  I was tired, exhausted, and just wanted to go home. A man came up to me as he was leaving. He said “Hi, I’m Leah’s husband. I told her I saw you here and I just wanted to come say hello.” And then he left.  That’s the sunshine. That’s taking the time to shine through the fog for someone.

Your kind words or smile is the red & orange hues that pierce through their fog. It gives them a chance to look up and realize they just have to keep going. There is sunshine on the other side of the fog.

Another time at our food pantry I was carrying a box of food out for a woman. She asked where my son was and if he was ok. I sometimes have to take my special needs kiddo with me if he is off school. Here this lady was, down on her luck & coming to the food pantry…but took the time to be that ray of sunshine for me (the one who is supposed to be encouraging her). Her taking the time to ask about my son was her shining through her own fog to be sunshine for someone else.

Be intential. Make it a point to offer a kind word to a stranger every day. Pretty soon it will be a natural thing for you. You’ll find yourself smiling more at strangers. Saying hello to people you don’t know. Telling random people to have a great day. You never know whose life you are changing.