My dear son’s future wife: I’ve been praying for you and I will continue to pray for you until my time on earth is finished.
Why? Because you will receive one of the greatest treasures The Lord gave me–my oldest son. I want him to be happy. I want him to make you happy. I want him to be a great husband and father.

Boys will be boys and men will be men. So I’ve been helping you out along the way the best I could.


When you argue, and you will, your husband will not have to get the last word in. He will understand that even if you are wrong, sometimes it’s better if he just stops talking and let’s you “win” this one. I know he will do this because we have bickered & debated everything under the sun & he eventually backs down. I know this because I am stubborn but he is also and he will not have to get the last word in. I will get the last word in. Every Single Time.


He will do laundry and your whites will still be white. I know this because he has been helping with laundry since he was in second grade. He’s not perfect–he doesn’t like to put his clothes away or take it out of the dryer. But he does sort by lights, darks, and towels and he will not put things in the dryer that should not go there. He will use the appropriate temperature setting and soap & fabric softener. Not to worry-your clothes are safe.


He will surprise you with things “just because”. I know this because he does it for me. He has a license, he works, he has a debit card, and he does stuff just because–and he is only a junior in high school. Just recently he picked me up some of my favorite donuts on his way home from school. I was on his case when he got home about something and he just left them on the table. I didn’t see them until after he left the next day. And he just smiled when I thanked him. His surprises will not be dependent on how you’ve recently treated him.

He will start your car when it’s cold. He will bring you a drink and a snack when you’re watching a movie. He will turn off all the lights and lock up at night when you just want to go to sleep.

He will put thought into your gifts. I know this because he does it now. He searches through numerous cards to find the perfect one and will remember something that was mentioned one time months before. Don’t worry—he won’t forget your birthday or anniversary. They’re important and you’ll be worth it.


He will spiritually lead your family. He will pray for you and any children you two have. I know this because I have listened to him talk with adults that are not believers. He speaks freely of how Jesus can help them. He is comfortable praying at family gatherings and teaching his peers in his youth group orย FCA group.

He will do dishes. The sink might fill up first, but he will do them. It may be because he needs a clean plate and fork but he will do it. You may have to drop lots of hints first!

He will watch chick flicks with you. I know this because he has suffered through countless chick flicks with his mom. I have suffered through countless movies of his also so be willing to do that.

The bottom line is no one is perfect. Relationships require work on both parts. They require compromises by both people. I will continue to pray for you (whoever you are) & your future marriage.

He has been through life experiences that will only make him a better husband. He has grown up with a single mom and a special needs brother. That has taught him to be responsible, compassionate, loyal, and put others before himself, just to name a few.

Take the good with the bad. Thank me for the good & spend the rest of your lives compromising on the bad!!!