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If there is something every fisherman or fisherman needs it a good pair of pliers. A flimsy pair will just not do.

Imagine hooking that big ole catfish or bass and they swallow the hook. Now what? You certainly aren’t going to try to stick your hand down there to pull it out.


Here it is…Suaoki stainless steel pliers! For all of your fishing needs.  They aren’t completely needle nose but they are narrow enough at the tip to get down in a fish mouth and grab that hook.

If you like all the fancy design stuff then you can immerse yourself in the easy to grip handle on this set of pliers.

Honestly it is just a basic set of pliers. However it comes with a nice nylon pouch that you can attach on to your beltloop.

I received this at a discount to test it out. You can see more details or purchase this by clicking here.

My video shows it in more detail:

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