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We have some harsh winter days. Living on a farm & raising bottle calves can be brutal. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, we still have to head out at 6am in the dark to feed and are out after dark in the evening.

The cold isn’t so bad but when the wind picks up….brrrr… If we aren’t careful we may look like the picture below:


That would not be fun at all. So, we take measures to stay warm. Heavy wool socks, lined boots, coveralls, hats, and warm gloves.

None of that protects my face. Nothing. Stops the cold air from freezing the secretions on its way in my nostrils. If you’ve been outside in the bitter cold and tried to breathe through your nose, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Never fear my friends, check out this product below:


Now you aren’t going to want to wear this by itself in the winter. It helps stop the wind but you’ll want a hat overtop. It in thin enough to fit under a helmet for biking, motorcycle riding, skiing, sledding, etc.

The area around the nose and mouth is made of a breathable material. I did find that condensation built up when I was outside in the cold and breathing normally. I did not find that my face was cold. It brings the heat from your breath and warms your face.

This is on Amazon right now for $8.99 which really is a great price. If you have Amazon prime it will be free 2 day shipping. You can find it by clicking here.

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