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My son refs soccer and needed a new watch with a stop watch feature. He doesn’t wear a watch except when reffing. This watch is advertised for boys & kids but it would be way to big for them. The face of the watch looks large even on my teenager’s wrist. There are 16 available holes to adjust and he wears it on the 10th hole. So yes it would tighten small enough for a child but the face of the watch would be to big or bulky. I would recommend this for a teenager or adult.
It has some nice features that are pretty consistent with this style watch. You can switch between military time or standard, it has an alarm you can set. It also has a backlight that you can access with the push of a button. The time and date were easy to set by reading the included instructions.
I received this product at a discount to test. You can find this on Amazon by clicking here

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