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If you are a hiker or a camper, there are things you need to have with you. It’s also important to have those tools be compact.

This comes with several different tools. They all fit nicely in the compact holder. The holder is about as thick as 2 credit cards. It is a little larger than one as you will be able to see in our video below. It won’t fit in a standard card holder slot in your wallet. It will fit in a different slot (see video). It’s also compact enough to just carry in your pocket.


The main knife has a nice grip for you to hold it. This also includes a bottle opener that could be used to open cans or boxes also.

If you’re out in the wilderness, you may find the small tweezers and toothpick handy.

On the outside you will find a ruler in centimeters and inches. It also has a compass and a tiny magnifying glass.

This comes with a rope that can be used to make this a lanyard or attach it to your bag. It also comes with a high pitched whistle that can be tied into the lanyard or just carried in your pocket.

This is more useful for those who love being in the outdoors. My son is an outdoorsman and really likes this tool. The whistle was really just an added bonus for him because it doesn’t fit in the tool.

I received this at a discount to test it out. I wish it was a little smaller so it actually fit in a credit card slot. Other than that, he is pleased with it.

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