Boys will be boys. It seems it doesn’t matter how old they get, they still like toys. The issue is the older they get the more expensive their toys get!

We had the opportunity to review this remote control car and jumped at the chance.

It is a RC 1:10 scale car by Best Choice Products. You can find it on their website They sell on Amazon, Sears, and Walmart also.

As a mom, there is something I love about this product, as well as many of their products– Everything you need to get this on the road is charged and included. It doesn’t matter where you open it, they will be playing with it in minutes.  It comes complete with a rechargeable battery pack for the car, a 9 volt battery for the controller, and a screwdriver for installation.

We live in a gravel road. The vehicle easily navigated the driveway, yard, and gravel road. It even navigated up the ledge from the gravel to the concrete with ease.

Check out the video below that my son made showing how the car works.