Mixed nuts are always a great snack to have at parties. People stand or sit around talking. Sometimes making small chat with people they only see once or twice a year. Sometimes with people they really don’t even want to talk to.

Amid the chatter, people like to snack. It’s better to snack on some nuts then a bunch of candy.

These platters from Oh Nuts are delicious. They are fresh and tasty and include a good variety. The wooden box mixes with many holiday decors and can be used over  and over again. Just refill with your choice of nuts if you run out.

I received a discounted product to test and give my opinion of. I was selected to receive the platter pictured and also the nuts and seeds platter. The link I will give (as required by Tomoson) is to the nuts and seeds platter. Unfortunately I never actually received that platter because the code didn’t work and the seller never answered any of the 3 messages I sent them.  You can find them Here

So, except for poor customer service, the product tasted good. These would make a nice gift as well.