After all the DIY fails with my other Joy bottles (See that post Here), this one went much smoother.


  • 3 empty wine bottles
  • red, white, & brown spray paint (I like rust-oleum)
  • gold craft paint & brush
  • twine
  • 10 gold jingle bells
  • black felt
  • red felt
  • brown felt
  • green felt
  • 3 small red beads
  • cardboard pieces
  • super glue

The easiest way to do this is go through one bottle at a time.



Spray paint the bottle red and let dry.  Use twine around the top and bottom. I bought 4ply craft twine and separated it to use a single strand. I did superglue it at different places inbetween the top and the bottom so it would stay.

Next measure about a 3 inch strip of black felt and glue it around the center. For the belt buckle I used gold glitter paint. Instead of using a paintbrush, I used the backside of a toothpick I had. The glitter paint in a little thicker and that helped me be more precise.

Glue 2 jingle bells to the top.



Spraypaint the bottle brown & let it dry. Glue a strip of black felt about 3/4″ thick around the center of the bottom part of the bottle. Glue 8 jingle bells around the felt.

Glue a red bead for the nose. I had a white one that I just spray painted red. It was a little tricky because it wouldn’t stick to the bottle. I took a very small piece of brown felt fuzz and stuck it to the bottle and then attached the red bead nose to that.

For the antlers I drew them on a piece of double ply cardboard (it was a shipping box and then carefully cut the two pieces apart. This way my antlers were the same size. I then traced the felt slightly larger than the cardboard (folded on the backside). I only needed to glue together the antler point sides after I slipped the pieces of cardboard in. If you have any areas of the seam that look unnatural, just pull apart a little piece of brown felt fuzz & glue it on. Glue them in the top of the bottle.



Spraypaint the bottle white and let dry. Cut 3 small black felt circles for the buttons (dime sized) and glue them on. Cut a 2 1/2″ wide strip of red felt for the scarf and glue it down.

For the hat I cut cardboard to glue the felt over. Molding a piece of cardboard around the neck of the bottle should be the right size for the top of the hat. Glue the cardboard in a circle and then glue the felt around it. Trace a circle of black felt for the top of the hat and glue it on. Trace a circle about 1/2″ larger than the top of the hat to use as the brim. Wrap felt around it, trim the edges, and glue any open areas together so no card board is showing.

Use green felt to cut out a leaf for on the hat. I didn’t actually have green felt so I just used a piece of green paper. Use your other two red beads for berries. I spray painted some white beads red & it worked just fine.



That’s it. Now just enjoy! We have ours sitting on our kitchen table on a red tablecloth with a few pinecones.