My oldest son is very involved in sports. Wrestling tournaments are all day. Soccer tournaments are all day.

If you’ve never experienced an all day sports tournament, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

They are long. The food in the concession stands is expensive. Food & drinks help us survive the day. A cooler is heavy & bulky.

This bag is great for our purposes. I can easily fit several drinks, sandwiches, and lots of orange slices & packs of gummies. Enough will fit for us to eat through the day!

The outside zippered pocket lets me store my keys, because who knows how we would get home at the end of the day if it was up to me to keep track of them.  I can also put a phone cable and several powerbanks. I’m not kidding…I take 3 or 4 powerbanks to an al day tournament. It’s how my special needs kiddo survives the day. If the battery on my ancient iPhone 5 does, we all suffer!

If you have a teenage boy you know they are sweaty. There is an outside elastic spot that tightens. I stick a towel in there for him to wipe off or sit on in my car. I should use it to put around my nose and mouth after he’s been sweating all day!

There is a smaller open pouch in the front that is useless to me. It doesn’t stay closed & I can guarantee I would lose something out of here. I just don’t use that pocket. If I was really bold, I would see some Velcro or something there to keep it closed. That’s just not going to happen. I will opt not to use that pocket!

All in all a good bag that I received complementary from the seller to test out. You can find it Here