I have learned that I like DIY projects, I’m just not very good at them! But I have time so I just keep trying.

This one was actually pretty simple. I’m going to take you through the steps for success, including what didn’t work for me. It isn’t too late to make one of these.


Several small branches (I used 6)
fairy light (I used battery operated)
super glue
Mounting tabs
mini Christmas ornaments
A few individual tree decorations, including a star

The first thing you will need to do is cut your branches. I had a small electric saw so I used that. Just line your sticks up on the ground and cut each one a little shorter than the one below it. Try to find sticks of similar thickness. Mine were about 1/2″ diameter.

Now to attach them together. This was a little tricky. Look below at what happened first:


So here’s what I did. I found the twine at Walmart. It was 4 ply so I separated it into 4 individual strands. I cut it longer than I thought I would need.

In order to keep the branches from falling down I knotted each one in place. I put the twine to the outer edge of each branch. I held it up before tightening each knot to make sure it was fairly straight. If not it will be unbalanced and won’t hang right. Once I got to the bottom I just cut off the excess.

The lights are a strand of battery operated fairy lights but you could use some that plug in also. I didn’t have an outlet near the tree plus I had this strand of lights already. They are on a copper wire which made it easy to bend around the branches. I fed it through the twine on the ends just to secure it better.


I hung it on the wall next. I tried to drill a hole in the back of the top branch but it wasn’t working out very well. I finally ended up cutting a small piece of twine to make a very short hanger & hung it on an existing nail.

Once it was hanging, I started adding ornaments one at a time. I superglued everything in place to the branches. The small mini tree ornaments are very lightweight and can easily be “hung” from the bottom side of a branch. I just held it in place for 10 seconds before moving.

I used some mounting tabs that are like putty to affix the star directly to the wall. I found the star at Walmart and it is made of sticks so it matches the tree.

All of the ornaments actually came from Walmart but many craft stores have their Christmas decor greatly marked down so you could pick them up pretty cheap.

After the branches were cut and I figured out what to do with the twine, this project took less than an hour to complete.