I won’t say these were easy. They should have been but I had DIY fail after fail with these things. It was worth it in the end because I think they turned out cute.


  • 3 empty wine bottles
  • white glossy rust-oleom spray paint
  • red paint
  • small paint brush
  • stencils or a steady hand
  • twine
  • winter floral pieces


First for the spray paint. I have been using rust-oleum paint because that’s really the cheapest I could find. At almost $3 a can it adds up fast. I found a cheaper $1 can of white at Walmart so decided to save a couple of dollars. That was my first mistake. One can didn’t even cover the 3 bottles well. I decided to just go with it.


I had some old metal fence posts that I stuck in the ground and put the bottles on them to spray paint.

WARNINGspray painting in the wind will put little air bubbles under the paint. Best to pick a non windy day. Also—spray in short strokes and wait or the excess paint will run down the bottle leaving waves of paint. Neither was the look I was going for. 

Once the white dries, it’s time to add the red. I found some stencils at Walmart. First I tried to hold them down and use spray paint. Not such a great idea. The spray paint runs under the stencil. So I tried to sand it off—didn’t work well either (see below).


Since I was back to square one, I picked up some rust-eolum white paint. It covered even the messed up red quickly and easily with one coat. I would recommend the glossy paint.

I tried to tape the stencils on next and paint over them with red paint.  I made it work but also not such a good idea. I still had to fix and touch up a lot. The best idea is to trace the letters and snowflake on the bottle and then just paint it by hand.

The twine goes around the top of the J and the Y bottles. Just start at the base of the neck. Put a little super glue on and hold down the edge of twine. Continue wrapping tightly & close together until you reach the top and super glue again then cut the excess.

The twine I found at Walmart was 4-ply so I just separated it so I only used one ply.

Once that is done you can take some snow texture paint and add to the top and bottom of the bottle with the snowflake. I skipped this because the jar I had was dried up and I wasn’t making another trip to the craft store for this crazy project.

I got the winter flower pieces from Michaels as they have 50% off their Christmas floral and Friday there was an additional 20% off. I bought one bouquet and split it between the two bottles.

I put a couple of scent sticks in two of the bottles but I can’t really smell them so save your money.


As for the rest of the winter scene, the house and deer I picked up at Michaels. Their holiday decor is 70% off right now. The glitter snow base was a tree skirt I got at Walmart and we cut it in two and ripped the edges to make it look more like snow. The pinecones I picked up from under my parent’s tree. The star in the back was a $2 ornament from Walmart.

That’s it. That’s my JOY bottles. For us, JOY stands for Jesus, Others, and You. It’s a visual reminder to help keep things in perspective.

If you have other easy DIY Christmas decorations, share the links in the comments. I would love to see them.