If you’ve never used bamboo towels or washcloths, you’re missing out on something good!

The bamboo products are soft right out of the package & stay soft wash after wash after wash.

These are advertised as baby washcloths but can really be used for any age. The elderly tend to have very fragile skin and often just wash up at the sink. These are so soft and non abrasive that they won’t resist washing up for fear of skin tears.

If you have a baby, these are super soft against their skin. They are full sized washcloths so can be used for any age.

I have a special needs child with sensitive skin and have been using these on him. I can’t stress enough how soft these are, even after washing.

This particular set comes in a pack of 6. There are three white ones and three light green ones. Each washcloth comes individually rolled with a bow around it. They are all ready to be added to the top of a package for a baby shower gift.

I received these to test out and provide my unbiased opinion. I would recommend these to others.

You can find these on Amazon by  Clicking here