My boys were very blessed to receive this to review. If you are looking for a different and unique gift to give a child (or a big kid) then check this out.


They come in a set of two or a set of four. I received the set of two guns. You can set these to play in up to four teams if you have enough guns for everyone. There is no limit to how many people you have on a team. You just push a button to set the gun to one of four different colors. That color represents your team.

There is a sensor on the front of the gun that reaches up to around 40 meters. You can’t shoot your own teammates, just any other team.


There are three small red life bars on the back half of each gun. As you take hits your life decreases until it is empty. Once empty your team color flashes and you’re out.

No cheating with these gun!

You can put it in pistol mode, rifle mode, or sub machine gun mode. The bigger the gun, the stronger the hit. The smaller the gun, the more rounds you get before reloading.

There is a magazine cartridge on the bottom of the stock. Just push that in a little to “reload” your gun.

This is fun for younger kids or adults. You can play inside or out because there’s no mess.

You can find this on as well as on Amazon, Walmart, or Sears websites.

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Play this video to see how these work: