I had knee surgery several years ago. After surgery I had to be completely non weight bearing on that leg for 6 weeks. It was in an immobilizer also. At the end of that 6 weeks the muscles in my quad were wasted.

I got a TENS unit through my insurance company which helped with the rehab.

A couple of years later we moved & I have no idea what happened to it. Probably lost in a box that never got unpacked.

Now that we’ve been raising baby calves for awhile, we keep increasing the number of calves we are bottle feeding at one time. On pen cleaning days, my back is aching by the time we get done. We spread it over 3 days and completely clean them out every 5 days. That means it’s 3 days of cleaning followed with 2 days of rest.

I had the opportunity to get this product at no cost to test out. It isn’t as powerful as the one I had before but it does the job. It reduces the lower back pain. I also use it on my joints as I have osteoarthritis pretty bad.


This has been cleared by the FDA for use. It has 4 small electrodes that can be placed appropriately. It comes with a picture to show you where to place them.


The screen and buttons are large enough to read easily. It has a 15 minute timer and you can pick one of the automatic modes or set your own. The speed and intensity are both adjustable.

I would recommend this product to those with muscle or joint pain. It isn’t a cure-all but it does help to reduce the pain.