Do you work at desk? Do you spend hours sitting in front of a computer? If you do, you certainly know how it feels to have aching, tired arms.

What if you had a way to cushion your arms and elbows. What if you could give those poor arms and elbows some protection when you get writers block or your computer isn’t cooperating.

We have memory foam mattress toppers. I have two memory foam pillows in my bed. I have a memory foam lumbar support pillow I use on my couch. I even have slippers with memory foam in them.

Why do we have all of these products with memory foam? It is simple — Our bodies like it! It makes us more comfortable. We sleep better. We sit better. Our body screams THANK YOU!!!

And then there are our arms. What do they get? They do a lot of work too. Have you ever sat at your desk trying to work through a project and slammed your elbows or arms down forcefully? Those poor elbows of yours taking all the abuse.

Time to change. Time to let your elbows and forearms scream “THANK YOU!”

Check out this product on Amazon. It is a must have for the arms of any desk chair.

Memory foam? They have you covered with just over 1″ thickness memory foam.

Spill something on them or wipe your sweaty palms on them? Check. Covered again. Just unzip the concealed zipper (it is not hard to find), take out the memory foam, and toss the cover in the washer. Ta da!!! Freshly cleaned armrest covers!

Will they slide around on the chair you wonder? Absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt– Nope! As long as you put them on properly, they will stay put.

So putting these on the arm rests: super simple! Just put the edges around the arm rests on your chair. Then pull the string and tighten it down. That’s it. You’ll be sitting in style and comfort in no time.

The material is made of a very soft velvet material which makes it an even better product.

Another use for these is for the elderly. If you have an elderly parent or grandparent then you know how frail the skin can be on an elderly person. You also know they visit the dr a lot. Take these along and put them over the arms of the wheelchair. Not only is it cleaner then the chair probably is but it makes it more comfortable on your loved one.