Ok let me just put it out there that I received a complementary product to review.

Now put that thought aside because I love this set. Believe me when I tell you this would make a great Christmas, Wedding, or Birthday gift. 

If you have never used silicone baking mats, you are really missing out. The first one I ever got was to review. I probably wouldn’t have tried it otherwise. I will never use a regular metal baking sheet again. I have 3 now and they are fantastic.

You don’t have to use any type of spray or oil. Things do not stick to it. If something bakes onto it, just let it dry, roll the mat & it comes right off.

A common use is cookies. I have found that I have to bake my cookies a couple of minutes longer with these.

I also use it to cook seasoned meat on. A favorite of ours is chicken parm. The clean up is so incredibly easy.

You do have to put the silicone mat on a baking sheet just to make it sturdy to put in & take out of the oven.

This set comes with the metal baking sheet as well as a matching silicone mitt.

This set is priced under $30. You can find it here.