I should just hang up this sign on my door  someplace very visible.

Ok seriously….it’s 38 short hours until my family shows up at my house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Like every other year, I’m feeling a little stressed right about now.

I don’t have to do all the cooking. I just have to clean. And believe me that is a huge task. I mean huge.

I have a special needs child. It’s easier to have holidays at my house so he stays in his element. It’s also extremely difficult to clean with his  “help”. While I clean one spot he just messes up another. If he is out of sight there is no telling what he’ll get into.

Yesterday should have been cleaning day. But it wasn’t. Yesterday I got some things ready for the food pantry today. I also had to get the building ready for 15 new calves that are coming tomorrow.

So maybe today should have been a cleaning day. Well today was food pantry day. We normally serve 40-45 families. Today we had 74. Busy, busy, busy day. By the time I got home I was exhausted. There was no way I was going to clean.

I actually started some major cleaning a month ago but life got in the way.

So now what….tomorrow will be time for box cleaning. What’s that you ask? It’s my favorite type of cleaning. I take everything & pack it in a box to sort through later. It’s the reality of what will happen. Especially with the kids home from school.

What happens to those boxes? Haha. They will probably still be sitting at this time next year. Last month I purged 3 boxes of stuff that had been boxed up last year & the year before.

Some people have picture perfect houses. I certainly do not. There are toddler toys across the living room & one bedroom. Papers on the table. Clothes to be put away.

Guess what—Thursday at noon the house will be cleaned. Toys picked up, floor vacuumed, table cleared & thanksgiving table cloth on. The floor will be mopped and bathroom cleaned.

And those boxes…look closely, you’ll find them. And with any luck  it will stay clean for a month until the Christmas gathering.


Do you have any speed cleaning ideas? I would LOVE to hear them. I am clearly short on time.