Cooking meals for family can be relaxing and enjoyable. It can also be expensive.

What if you got $2 back just for buying holiday food. It doesn’t matter what brand you buy.


I really like the ibotta app. One of the great things about this app is the “any brand” things you can purchase. You typically get $0.25 back and all of those quarters add up.

Right now the following rebates are available on the purchase of any brand of the following items:

  • Dinner Rolls
  • Pumpkin Pie Filling
  • Canned Cranberries
  • Gravy

Also there is $1 back on the purchase of any brand ham.


If you are like us, you have lots of leftovers. We are always looking for containers to send leftovers home in.  These Rubbermaid containers work great. Pick up a pack at Walmart or other stores and get $1.50 or $3 back.

Those boxed sets make great gifts also. Weddings, Birthdays, or Christmas…get something your loved one can actually use. I have the boxed set with the red lids and they are in great shape a year later.

What is Ibotta?

You can download the app on your smart phone. You can find the rebates specific to the store you already shop at. You can scan the barcode in the store to be sure you have the right one. Then just take a picture of your receipt after you buy it & the money starts accumulating on your account.

I save mine up all year long and cash out at Christmas time. You can get cash or gift cards to lots of different stores where you already shop.


I’ve been using this app since April and have saved quite a bit of money. It sure helps ease the financial burden of Christmas shopping.

If you don’t already use the app you can download it from your App Store. If you use my code ovhwhro when you sign up, you will get $10 after you claim your first rebate and I will get $5.

I don’t promote a lot of apps but this is one of my favorites. You can really save a lot of money on things you are probably already buying.

They have bonuses you can earn $0.50-$5 for claiming a certain number of rebates on a weekend or a month.

Start saving today! Start your holiday spending fund for next year!!