I try hard to be organized.  It never fails that my son has at least two projects every school year. We never have what he needs and end up with a trip to Michaels to get what we need.


Once the project is completed, the leftover stuff sits on a table in a pile until I get sick of looking at it and throw it in the trash.

It never fails that a couple of months later we have another school project to do. And we could have used something from that big mess of a pile.


I got these boxes from StorageWorks. They came in a set of three. The rope handles are a great feature on these. You just put the end of the rope inside the box and tie a knot in it to hold it in place.

These really are a high quality product. I have other storage boxes & these far exceed what I previously owned.

That whole mess fit easily in two of these containers. They slide perfectly under our futon in our back room. I can fit three more boxes under the other side.

These boxes look nice peeking out from under the futon. The rope handles on either side gives them a more fashionable appearance.

You can go Here to see the listing on Amazon. I was fortunate to receive a sample of this product to evaluate. This exceeded my expectations.