Well here I am on week 2. I got on the scale Monday and I was 2 pounds lighter than the week before. Let’s be honest, that’s probably just water weight. I could have pulled off 5 lbs & it probably would have been water weight.



My simple goals for last week were to drink a full glass of water every morning when I got up & have a smoothie for breakfast. Also to walk a mile twice a week.

How did that turn out? Quite well actually. The only day that didn’t happen was Saturday when I made the boys chocolate chip pancakes & we all ate together. Still a win in my book.

I noticed that I wasn’t doing any mid morning snacking. It actually has kept me from wanting to munch on things before lunch.


This Week:

I’m continuing everything from last week except increasing my walking distance to 1.5 miles and not drinking soda more than 2 days.

Soda has many unhealthy things about it. However, before I started this journey (ok a week ago), I told myself I would be realistic. I’ve done no sugar, I’ve done no carbs, I’ve done weight watchers. The problem is once you stop the weight comes back. For me more came back than what I started with.

My plan in all of this is gradual, realistic lifestyle changes with realistic goals.

  “It’s not about a number or a size, it’s about getting healthier”

I’m not looking for a magic number on the scale or a particular size of jeans. I’m looking to get healthier. I want to be able to do things with my oldest who loves the outdoors. I want to be able to be on the floor playing with my grandkids (hopefully) one day.

So, here’s to week two on this journey!