The dreaded time change. There is nothing about it that I like. Oh yes I understand it’s helpful to farmers. I’m grateful that tomorrow morning we won’t have to go out and do chores in the dark. But we will be feeding calves in the dark tomorrow night. So we really just traded one for another.

More than the dark factor, it just messes with my kiddos. And when you have a teenager plus a 97 year old plus another child who is mentally about 5—as a single mom & caregiver, I can just forget about sleep for the next few weeks.


First there’s the teenager…they more easily adapt to the time change. However, since they get to sleep an hour later in the fall, they feel the need to stay up an hour later. That’s all fine and dandy except I have always made it a point to be the last one in bed. So when it was already late & my teenager asked to watch a movie with me, since we could sleep in an hour longer (haha), that’s what we did. I will give him credit, he did get up on his own at 7:45am with no alarm.


The other two fall into the same category. My 97yr old grandfather and my special needs kiddo. My son goes to bed around 4:30 and sleeps 12+ hours, getting up about 5. My grandfather goes to bed around 5 or 6, getting up around 4.

The problem with the elderly and the very young is they go strictly by their internal clock. They don’t need an alarm clock. When you have a baby and you suffer through time changes, you can relish that time because you know it’s only for a season and you’ll miss them being little one day. My kiddo is 15 but forever the mind of a toddler. So…he will never outgrow that, among other things.

Up first was grandpa. Lucky for me my aunt was up for the weekend. He got up at 3am, thinking it was 4, and woke her up to make his breakfast. I am grateful to have slept through that one.

Next up was my youngest. 4am was morning for him. Time to be up and time to play. He doesn’t care that his brother was up late or that it was really only 4 am.


So clearly this is me for the rest of the week. Because the cycle doesn’t end. My youngest was sound asleep at 3:30 this afternoon—for the night. My grandfather was in bed before 5. My oldest is at a church event so won’t be home until later.

It’s a crazy cycle. Time change is a crazy thing that I wish they would just get rid of. The only time I have ever liked it was when I worked night shift in the spring and got out of an hour of work. Or if I worked day shift in the fall and got to sleep an extra hour before that next 12 hour shift.

So to all you tired mommies out there…I feel for you. I understand the bleary eyed just want to sleep longer mornings. I understand the cranky child that thinks he is starving because lunch is an hour later. Or the beside himself toddler that has had his naptime and bedtime pushed back an hour.

To those parents with infants and toddlers, this is only a season—enjoy them while they are little.

To those parents with teenagers–let them have that extra hour of sleep. It won’t be long until they’re out working and won’t have a chance to do that.

To those parents caring for special needs kiddos or elderly family members–I’m praying for you! It’s a hard road sometimes. God bless you for doing what you do! Thank you for caring for those that can’t care for themselves. Be proud of what you do every day–just caring for them.