• 3 empty wine bottles
  • 2 different fall colored paints
  • scrap cardboard
  • white paint
  • clear acrylic sealer
  • fall foliage


Pick out your two colors of paint. Place the bottles on your scrap of cardboard. Paint two bottles one color & one bottle a contrasting color.  Note: if you are using orange paint, I would recommend spray paint. I used a small bottle and brush for the brown color. I attempted to brush on the orange paint but it was terribly streaky. I ended up painting over it with orange spray paint.  You can see the orange is much shinier than the brown. We’ll take care of that later.


Use white paint and write GIVE in one bottle and THANKS on the other. You can write it horizontally or vertically.  If you have a white paint marker that would work great. I wanted to use thing I had on hand so I used white paint & the tip of a dried up paint marker to write on them. A stencil would work also.

Once that dries, spray all three bottles with clear acrylic sealer. I used matte but it still makes all three of them shinier. This is good if you are using different types of paint. It also helps seal the paint onto the bottle. This isn’t something ou have to do. I had some on hand so it was a nice added touch.


Just add some fall foliage to your bottles and you’re done. I picked these from the side of a field growing wild. I can just change them out if they start falling apart or drying up too much.

Quick, easy, and inexpensive DIY projects is what I specialize in. You can be on a tight budget and still have nice looking decorations!