This is sold as a dinosaur math toy but it looks more like a dragon to me.

Either way, this is still a nice abacus toy. My younger Simeon really likes moving beads around. He is a special needs kiddo so isn’t doing so much of the counting with this. He does like to spin the beads. He can pick out colors so I can ask him to spin the red beads, etc.

Another thing I can do with this is put beads in a group of 5 or less for my son. I can ask him to find 3 beads or 2 beads, etc. It takes him a little longer to do this. Sometimes I have to say the 2 blue beads and that helps.

This would be good for kindergarten age kids and younger. The bright primary colors make it attractive and inviting for young kiddos.

The construction is sturdy with wooden dowel rods. There are two rods on the back that would make this easy for small hands to pick up. It is light enough for little ones to carry.

I was fortunate to receive a sample to test out. You can find this toy on Amazon at: