We are on a serious budget. Dinner often calls for creativity.  We don’t always have the healthiest meals but I try to make something everyone will eat.

There are no pintrest beautiful dinners that happen in our house. No fancy little sprigs of rabbit food on the edge of the plate. No drizzled chocolate on a dessert plate.

When you consider that if I go to a fast food establishment, it costs me about $15 for Jacob and I, dinner for $5 works for me.

With a little help from my Ibotta app & getting some good deals, we had apple bacon pork loin, red potatoes, and cornbread for under $5.

I picked up the porkloin at Walmart. There is a $1 Ibotta rebate on Smithfield marinated pork. It was $6 before the rebate.

The cornbread was $0.33 but I had a $0.50 rebate on a Betty Crocker mix last week.

I picked up 2 small red potatoes, 1 a week for 2 weeks. They were $0.27 each but I had a $0.25 rebate for each of them. I had a partial packet of potato seasoning that I mixed in a little oil & drizzled on the potatoes.

Sure there wasn’t salad & there wasn’t fruit. It wasn’t the most colorful plate. It wasn’t a pintrest looking dinner. It wasn’t balanced for all the food groups. But it was better for us than Burger King. It was cheaper than Chick Fil A.

I can’t imagine going grocery shopping without coupons. Coupons and rebates have made a big difference in the foods we purchase.

I am thankful for lots of things. Today I am thankful for coupons and rebate apps.