• small foam cube (4-6″)
  • white foam square
  • red felt square
  • tan felt square
  • off white felt square
  • 2 yellow sponges
  • black pipe cleaners
  • red & blue silicone string
  • Puffy paint (orange, yellow, purple)
  • Light & dark pink paint
  • paintbrush
  • labels & stright pins
  • super glue

The first thing we did was cut out the foam & felt squares to the size of the cube. The sponges will need to be cut as well. *Leave them sit out of the package overnight as they will shrink up a little. Then we painted the lighter pink color. There is no need to paint the top or bottom as it will be covered. Just go over the edge a bit. This will need to dry overnight.

Next we took the pieces of red and blue silicone pieces and cut them to look like vessels. You could use paint as well. I found some bracelet making long strands at a craft store. We used a mechanical pencil to poke small holes in the cube and then glued the edges into the holes with super glue. This makes it look like the vessels are going into the cell. We used superglue to attach the pieces because it was quick drying and held tight.

We then used the darker pink paint for the bottom layer of the epidermis and to outline the hair follicle. Next was the puffy paint. We used orange puffy paint for the nerve cells, yellow puffy paint for the sweat glands, and pink puffy paint for the muscle that comes off the hair follicle. We only put the muscle & hair follicle on one side. We allowed all of this to dry overnight.

Finally to finish: we glued the three layers of felt on the top (red closest to the cube, then the off white, then tan). The sponges were glued on the bottom and the white foam below that.

Next we used the purple puffy paint  and outlined the dark pink. It was let sit for a couple of hours to dry well. We used black pipe cleaners for the hair follicles. The front one was glued to the outside. The top pieces were cut so a small amount could be pushed into the cube. We stripped the pipe cleaner off the wire to make it easier to get through the layers of felt. We put a dab of super glue on the tip before putting it in to hold it in place.

We used more yellow puffy paint to draw the sweat glands over the felt and onto the top. We also used it to add sweat gland pores to the top.

Finally we printed off the types labels. We used a dab of super glue to attach them to a silver straight pin. The pin was inserted into the appropriate spot that the label was marking.

Total cost: about $15

Total time: 3 days just to give the paint time to dry overnight.