This is a review of a 5 piece set of silicone kitchen utensils. Included in this set are two pot holders, 2 spatulas, and a basting brush.

All of the pieces are made of a thick material. The handles are easy to grip.

The two pot holders are a thicker material. They have a honeycomb shaped texture on both sides. This prevents your hand from slipping and also allows you to grip the dish you are holding. It does not prevent the heat from coming through. Like any potholder, if you hold it long enough, the heat will conduct through the material. These are thicker than other ones I have tried  & work better. They each have a hole if you wish to hang them when not in use.

The two spatulas are pretty flexible. The blue spooned one more than the other one. The flexible end allows you to get all the edges of a jar or dish because this will form to the edges more. This is great to get every last bit of peanut butter out of that jar!

I like this basting brush. It seems more sanitary than other brushes. These silicone bristles clean easily and more effectively than the fiber bristles. You don’t have to worry about these bristles absorbing your marinade.

All in all it is a decent set to match up with other colorful utensils.

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