I run a food pantry at my church. Week after week, year after year people flock through our doors. People in need. People that are hungry, jobless, down on their luck, having a hard time.

Personal products are always in demand and always on short supply. Our priority is to feed the people. Some of these families have no extra money. No money for soap or deoderant.

Have you ever stopped to think about why many poor people don’t smell the best? It isn’t because they don’t want to. It isn’t because they don’t know how to practice good hygiene. It’s because they just don’t have the money for that.

They may wash their clothes but without laundry soap. They may rinse off in the shower but without shampoo.

We are tying to help these people get themselves out of the situation they are in. Maybe they lost their job. Do you think they can get another job easily if they smell & look as if they haven’t bathed and their clothes are dirty? It’s going to be a challenge.

Sure, most of them have some money. If they have to choose between gas to get to the dr or personal hygiene items, it will be the gas. If they are choosing between diapers for their baby and deoderant for themselves, the baby will probably (and should) win. If they are choosing between winter coats for their children and a bottle of laundry soap, the children will probably get coats.

These dry spray deoderant sate great because often several people in the family will be sharing one deoderant


Today it is easy. Download that Ibotta app like I keep talking about. Go to Walmart and buy the 5 deoderant dry sprays shown in the picture:

  •  Degree Women’s 3.8oz
  • Degree Men’s 3.8oz
  • Dove Women’s 3.8oz
  • Dove Men’s 3.8oz
  • Axe Men’s

You will pay $26.35 before tax out of pocket. There are a couple cheaper on that you can price match to if you want. There were also some degree coupons in Sunday’s paper.

With no coupons, you submit the 5 deoderants for Ibotta rebates and get $25.25 back.

I can make the deal sweeter for you if you don’t have Ibotta yet. Use my referral code of ovhwhro when you sign up & as soon as you claim your first rebate you’ll get $10 extra. That will make this a profit of $8.90!!!!!!!

Ibotta usually resets their deals so in a few days you can probably do it again.

These would make fantastic donations to food pantries, shelters, or for families adopted at Christmas.

We might not be able to do a lot but we can all do a little. It will add up to a lot.