I have a teenage son. It’s hard to find “toys” that they like. I always look for things that get him outside and off of video games. This is electronic (or battery operated) but it gets him outside and moving.

To say we are having fun with this is an absolute understatement. It’s our first quadcopter. Well that’s not true. We have a tiny mini drone that is less than satisfying and broke when my poor flying skills crashed it.
This thing is amazing. No it doesn’t have a camera and no you can’t connect it to your phone but if you’re looking for a gift for a teenager or young adult, this is a hit!
The drone comes with protector piece that go on the underside of the blades. This helps to protect the blades if or when you crash it. I crash landed it a couple of times before I handed it over to my son. There were no marks, no dents, no damage at all.
*WARNING* Be careful with the blades. They will hurt if you get your finger in there while they are spinning. There is a warning label on them but just be careful Take it from me, it hurts! There is a power button on the top of the drone. Push and hold it until it flashes. Once it does, turn on your remote and it will flash while it pairs to it. Once it stops flashing you are good to go. There is a battery that you can plug into a special cable and then charge in a USB port. It takes 100 minutes to fully charge it which will give you 7 minutes of flying time. If you’re impatient like us then you will take the battery out early and just have less flying time.
I don’t know how high this goes. I have a range finder but I couldn’t get it in the right spot to get a good reading. It’s pretty high, that I know!
In addition to the normal up & down, left & right, and forward & backwards, this also does barrel rolls. It can flip in any direction depending on which way you have the right joystick control pushed. There is a button on the top right edge to push & it will flip. Pretty awesome!
As an added bonus this comes with a smaller metal helicopter that a younger child could play with.
Everything you need is included except 4 AA batteries for the remote. It even comes with a screwdriver for attaching the drone pieces and a wrench & allen wrench to put the small copter together.
I can’t say enough about this drone. It has lights on it so you can take it out at night for even more fun! I received this at a discount to test and review.  Please follow my blog & you tube site for more great reviews.