I am a single mom. I don’t have a husband that has several tool boxes or a workshop full of tools. I am not much of a home repair person but luckily I have an uncle that is.
I needed a basic set of tools that would be enough for small projects. This set does it for me. The only thing that is missing is a hammer. It would be great if it had a hammer also.
It comes with a Phillips & flathead screwdriver. It has a needle nose and regular pliers as well as a pair of wire cutters. All great things for getting new toys out of the packages!
It has several wrenches and some Allen wrenches that I may use on occassion.
All of the pieces come in a handy hard plastic case. There are clips to close it on the top and bottom. Most of the pieces snap in pretty tightly but every time I open it there are a couple of things that have fallen loose. It’s usually the sockets.
Overall it’s a nice set. Would make a great set for a single parent, or a new homeowner. Even for that man that doesn’t have a lot a tools and just does basic stuff. I was provided this product to sample and review.


I have posted a video on you tube: