This is a plastic toy tow truck.  It is friction powered which is great because there is no need to replace batteries to make it move.  It does come with batteries which activate the lights and sound.  In order to drive this truck, just give it a little push forward and it will go.  The harder you push, the further it will move on its own.  This works on hard surfaces as well as on carpet.  I do not have plush carpet so I didn’t test it on that.

On the back of the truck on two tow anchors.  You can pull the ropes out, hook them on something, and turn the crank to pull it back in.  The truck is made of a thicker plastic material comparable to something you would find at a discount chain store  The mirrors are made of a rubber material and move easily without popping off.

I received this product to test and review.  Please feel free to follow my blog and share the posts so others can make informed shopping decisions.